Soul Medicine – a phrase used by my mentor Rochelle Jaffe to describe the magic possible in trance, when we have a spiritual or religious experience

Soul medicine is different things for different people, but when we need it, we need it.

I see Soul Medicine as all the ways that spirituality and psychology come together in a relaxed state of guided trance. This includes many formal spiritual techniques but also many “woo” and belief-based metaphors.

Any time we practice hypnosis, meditation, contemplation, or simply gazing at a starry sky or vast open waters, and we become aware both of how small we are in the universe, yet also how miraculous and wonderful, this, too, is Soul Medicine.

I am versed in several “woo” techniques that are just wonderful combined with hypnosis, such as:

Ascending to a sphere high above the earth where we meet our deceased loved ones.

Encountering a beloved religious figure, or historic figure for whom we feel love, awe, and respect.

Energy healings.

Shamanic Elements.

Past life, between-life, and Future Life journeys.

Chakras and affirmations.

Cord cuttings and re-bindings.

I do not judge the “reality” of these metaphors and tools. I am happy to use them if a client wishes.



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