Grief Support and Resolution

Grieving requires all our heart and honesty to complete. 

Grief cannot be hurried. 

Yet there comes a time when the weight of grief should lift so we can go on.

Sometimes, before the process can complete, we must forgive the deceased, or we must, innerly, ask their forgiveness. Often, anger or things left unsaid are in the way of finding a sense of completion.

Hypnosis allows us to go into a deep, contemplative state, and mentally and emotionally do what is needed to bring the relationship and the grief to its next stage.

Grief is a sacred thing.

During the pandemic, we have all lost so much. The future is uncertain. In a sense, we are all grieving and afraid.

The strength required to face our present circumstances as individuals, a nation and a world can feel like too much. Again, in hypnosis, we discover our strength as a renewed, heart-centered resource.


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