Pain is always emotional as well as physical. The mind-body connection is a powerful tool for hypnotic pain control.

Living with a chronic pain condition is extremely challenging, and can lead to depression and exhaustion.

Hypnosis works on pain at multiple levels.

John E. Sarno MD in his famous studies on back pain, discovered that people who had the same injuries and similar x-rays of deterioration in their joints would have very different experiences of pain. He worked with his patients psychologically, getting at the emotions that were involved in the pain.

Sarno believed that when the mind cannot process emotional pain, it is sent into the body as inflammation and pain. He was able to help thousands of his patients, and many thousand more who read his books and confronted the emotions they were suppressing, overcoming their chronic pain.

Meeting our painful emotions can be just as difficult as dealing with physical pain.

Almost every client who comes for stress or trauma has a degree of chronic physical pain or illness. Unresolved trauma and physical pain tend to live together in the body. When we allow the deeper mind the opportunity to work through some of those suppressed emotions, we clear the way for the pain or the illness to improve.

Learning stress reduction methods, and improving sleep quality are also helpful in this recovery–and will be addressed in the sessions.

Hypnosis should never be used to mask undiagnosed pain. It should only be used to relieve suffering once medical diagnosis has been provided. 

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