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Hilary Jacobson CCHT

“Grief from childhood traumas surfaced during the chaos and stress of the pandemic. As I was unable to see my new first grandson, I was under a heavy cloud of anger. Hilary nudged me through the hardness of my anger to the softer place of grief. She guided me into reaching and comforting my hurt inner child. Through this process with Hilary I was able to access a deep pool of calm where I feel more at peace. I have greater perspective and see beauty in my life today. What a tremendous gift Hilary unwrapped with me!” – Christine G.

The Grief and Hardship of Separation, Loss, and Pandemic Fatigue

“Everything is falling apart.” That is how most of us feel. Families are breaking up over differences of opinion. We might be far from our loved ones, at risk of losing our jobs, our health, or the health of our family. 

The work I do with clients is anything but shallow. We go to the heart of the matter and bring healing to the heart.

We cannot change what is happening in the world, but we can feel better and make better choices for ourselves and our families.


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