Chronic medical conditions respond well to hypnosis

Chronic medical conditions are both physical and mental. The brain “remembers” the state of the body and repeats it, like a feedback loop, each moment. 

With hypnosis, we can change that feedback loop–break it and reinforce a different, healthy loop.

We can teach your body-mind new ways to deal with pain and inflammation, to sleep and relax, and we can re-program enthusiasm for exercise and good eating.

Hypnotherapy has been shown in studies to have good results with depression, anxiety, IBS, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune conditions such as asthma and hyperthyroid. It has been used to improve immunity and bring better hormonal balance. It is often used to prepare for surgery, and to heal from surgery. 

Hypnotherapy is also helpful for people with terminal disease-both in reducing the uncomfortable or painful symptoms, in reducing anxiety, and bringing peace and acceptance.

Most clients have more than one health problem and emotional condition, and with hypnotherapy, both can be “solved” by the client when guided in trance.

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