Brain and Heart

“My brain and heart healed tremendously through this work. I feel a lot stronger now and am loving being a mom to my baby girl. I highly recommend Hilary to anyone who has gone through a traumatic birth and/or dealing with milk issues.”

Julie H., Oregon

Soothing Emotional Pain

“When I read Hilary’s book Breastfeeding Grief, I felt like someone was speaking my mind for the first time about the pain I suffered. When I did my first session with Hilary she got right to the root of the problem, and the pain significantly shifted. Hilary found a way to guide me into a deep and almost primal attachment again with my child, in a way that no other Doctor, midwife, therapist, or healer seemed to be able to understand. Hilary knows so much about pregnancy, babies, food, health, culture AND life— Try a session with her if you are looking for someone smart to help you in a concrete and meaningful way move forward from pain and confusion.”

Ellie L. Oregon

Mom, Family Coordinator

Recovering after Loss

“When I first talked to Hilary by zoom meeting, I instantly felt the connection and gave me a sense that I am in a safe place. I felt her next to me. Hilary’s voice is so gentle and soothing to the heart and instantly I felt relaxed and protected.
“Her guidance through hypnosis meditation took me on journeys. Because of her presence, I felt secure and free to venture out to places faraway but at the same time familiar to me. I felt as if “I am returning home.”
“A heavy stone in my chest was lifted during our first session. I felt strongly that I am not abandoned in this world and such feeling gave me the sense of warmth and love towards myself.
“During the second and third session, Hilary guided me so I can reorient myself and feel grounded.  Hilary taught me that life is not always about stepping forward but it is also about finding the essence of myself which will help me gain self acceptance and love again.
“Thank you Hilary for reaching out to me when I lost my partner and needed  support and guidance most. Without your presence, my life would have been different and more difficult today.”
Meiko, Toronto

Finally Feeling Better

“The sessions with Hilary changed my life. I was in a deep depression before I saw her. I wasn’t able to breastfeed my baby due to many health issues. So my life was dedicated to pumping and trying to build my milk supply. Yet I was so devastated to not be able to feed my baby it was taking over my life. I was angry. I was embarrassed. I felt inadequate. All I could do was cry. I would cry multiple times a day. I felt so out of control. And then I saw Hilary. I will never forget our first session together. It was profound. It literally changed my outlook on life. And I haven’t cried since then. After several sessions, I continued to feel so much calmer and more grounded. And I am a much better mother for my son because of it. Hilary understood everything I was going through and we were able to process it in a way that I could let go of the pain and move on to enjoy the pleasures of being a mother. I will forever be grateful for my experience with Hilary and highly recommend it to anyone who is going through a tough time.”

Anna V. Oregon

Mom , Family Coordinator