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Hilary Jacobson, CCHT

Grief, Trauma, Burnout

My online classes and sessions are for mothers and fathers of young children and for professionals who work in family health or education: teachers, nurses, doctors, midwives, lactation consultants, doulas and caregivers.

The individual sessions are scheduled in sets of three: 3, 6, 9 or 12 sessions, depending on the need and problem. 

The classes are small and intimate. They allow space for personal attention as we practice ways to identify our own compounding issues and cultivate inner calm.

My class combines meditation, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and somatics. My intention is to strengthen your connection to your sense of core-self. This is where we experience our deep capacities for strength and love, where we find renewed energy and where we discover a sense of purpose, regardless of where we stand or lie in life.

During our work together, negative attitudes, frozen emotions, suppressed grief and habitual thoughts can be lightened, softened, and changed. 

The monthly class “Meeting Trauma in the New Mother with Presence” is for lactation consultants, pediatricians, doctors, midwives, doulas, and nurses. For more information, go here.

In the optional, free weekly meet-up for professionals, we support one another in our work while continuing to practice.

I offer free Sunday afternoon meetups for mothers, to answer the lactation diet questions of the day and to lead processes for relaxation and calm.

I offer hypnotherapy sessions for individual, personal support.

Feel free to contact me with questions.



Anyone who works with mothers should enroll in Hilary’s courses; her books are library essentials. After the first online session, I had a different approach in my interactions with moms. When beginning a lactation conversation, first taking time to practice relaxation as a professional – and then leading the mother to calm—provided a deeper understanding of the situation at hand. Embracing the importance of touch for moms and babies together, I now mindfully approach mothers in the hospital or group setting to encourage connection at the heart. Nurturing ourselves and our babies is so important, and Hilary gently demonstrates how to help a mom in need transform her experiences to healing places. Such important work.

Kristi Davis, MSN, RN, IBCLC  

Hilary Jacobson’s “Mother Food” was one of my first and still one of my favorite books as a lactation consultant in private practice.  When I was part of her “Healing Breastfeeding Grief” group in February 2021 I felt “covered in a warm blanket.”  This is how Hilary believes all mothers should feel, and as a nurse/lactation consultant working with new mothers, this is how we should be guided to help mothers feel. Her voice is wonderfully soothing, her ability to reflect back on what you are expressing to her and her ability to help you learn techniques for self-soothing and healing are incomparable. We must remember that our actions and words influence parents when they are at their most vulnerable and we must have the tools to be calm, thoughtful and respectful of every parent’s journey.  Truth, honesty, sincerity, wisdom.  This is Hilary.  I highly recommend enrolling in her course, you will feel her love of caregiving the caregiver from the moment the class begins.

Debra Brender, RN, IBCLC